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Respirator seri 7000 Half facepiece/Size- 7501/7502/7503
3M. Half Facepiece 7501(S) , 7502(M) , 7503(L)
Provides Comvortable Soft silicone Faceseal
- Made of silicone for greater comfort and helps provide a softer feel on the face
- 3M.Cool flow . Exhalation valve for easy exhalation for cool , dry comfort , and designed to be long lasting
- can be used with a variety of cartridges and filter that helps protect against both dust and /or odor
Respirator 3M.7502

Respirator 3M.7502

Respirator 3M. Produk Kualitas Dunia

Harga: Rp.475.000 ++

Filter 3M.6005

Filter yang digunakan khusu untuk Formaldehyde dan organic vapor

Harga: Rp.190.000 ++

Filter 3M 6006

Filter yang mempunyai Multi Fungsi untuk gas .seperti : Chlorine , Organic Vapor , Hydrogen Choloride , Cholorine dioxide , Sulfur Dioxide , Ammonia / Methilamine

Berat : 0 gram

Harga: Rp.260.000 ++

Filter 3M.6003

Filter yang digunakan untuk debu organik dan Uap yang mengandung zat Asam

Berat : 0 gram

Harga: Rp.160.000 ++